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Never lose sight of your dreams     When you wish upon a star   Makes no difference who you are   Anything your heart desires   Will come to you….Jiminy Cricket     How many times have we heard these lyrics?? How many times have we g iven up on our dreams? But are we really giving up on our dreams or have we just gone off course in life. I look back at all the things I wanted to accomplish in life. Growing up I always wanted to be a writer, but oh yes I forgot, I wanted to be a stewardess too; I wanted to travel around the world.  I had visions of being a n interior decorator and fashion merchandise career sounded like a great idea. I enjoyed learning about keeping fit and I had thought of being a nutritionist........   S o, what happened?? Life happened. I was married and had two children, wondering what happened to those dreams. I went into the field of nursing, a far cry from the career choices that I chose growing up. I look at my niece and nephew, who knew e