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5 things I know

Every week I will post 5 things I know.... S - Sweater...I love sweaters. In fact that it is the only thing I like about cold weather. Growing up in Las Vegas and California, I only wore light sweaters, but now living in the Midwest, I wear a lot of sweaters in the winter. Unfortunately, my favorite sweaters tend to get fuzz balls and it makes them look old and dingy. Well thanks to Pinterest I found a handy dandy tip of using a razor to remove them. I just buy the cheap ones and from that tip, there are some things I learned in the process. First of all, hold the sweater taut, so you don't snag it. Second, it is time consuming. And third, it is a little bit of a fuzzy mess. Wow, does it work and the sweater looks beautiful. A - Always, always, always make time for your family, friends, church and those less fortunate than you. So many people have touched my life and were a rock of support when I was going through a difficult time. They had busy lives and difficulties of their