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Rummage Sales

As much as I enjoy going to rummage sales, I do not like having them.....luckily our church is getting ready to have one next weekend....donating was much more rewarding, and it was exciting to see what everyone else had to give....I went to several sales over the weekend, in between raindrops....there was something for everyone.... I am off to Chicago (area) with my friend Lynne, next weekend for a laughter yoga workshop....we could both use the stress relief, right now....
I bought this 33 inch rattan trunk (a Jennifer Farrell collection) at Big Lots a few months was marked down to $72.00, with an additional discount, bringing it to $55.00. Since there was a small (fixable) flaw it was again marked down to only $27.00. I was so excited at the bargain, that I did not look at the original price of $240.00 until I brought it home. It is used as my coffee also stores extra pillows, afghans and blankets in it. I bought a picture at Good Will, liked the frame, but the picture was faded. I took a piece of gold, textured scrapbooking paper to replace it. I then used a transfer on the glass. I like the new recycled look. It reminds me of my friend Lynne. She not only has the word "smile" on her license plate, but she is always smiling and sees the good in everything.....
Back from Florida, just made my second flight....had a wonderful time, the sun finally came out so we could play.....lots of good food, good company, and reminiscing.... Even found a sign with my name on it...I thought all beaches are sandy, even when I am not there.... Brought back a T-shirt from a unique shop called GoFish....and a free bookmarker with the saying "There is no growth in a comfort zone and no comfort in a growth zone." Anonymous....there is so much truth to this...and I am as guilty as the next....but knowing God's is with us and will helps us grow, will help us when we are out of our comfort zone...

Florida Bound

I am off to Florida tommorrow to visit family. Hope to get a little sunshine. Hopefully, it won't rain the whole time I am there. Looking forward to rest and relaxation, before I go back to school in the fall.
One of my favorite pictures of Jonny....He looked so handsome in his tux, my little boy was growing up......."Between the innocence of babyhood and the dignity of manhood, we find a delightful creature of a boy" (Allan Beck) This quote is so befitting of both my sons. I enjoyed being part of their journey from babyhood to manhood.

Miracle Sunday

Such a beautiful weekend after last weekends "inland hurricane". I was very fortunate to have such little damage. Thankful...for all the volunteers in the community and surrounding communities. all the hardworking men and women getting everyone power, food and shelter. I am especially thankful, than Jonny's flowering Cherry Memorial tree (that we planted 2 weeks prior) is still standing. It is strong just like Jonny.