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You Grow Girl

I was at Menards the other day getting gardening supplies and window shopping,looking at all the goodies I would love to put in my yard. I came across a book called "You Grow Girl" by Gayla Trail, for $6.00. I figured I can't go wrong at that price. It has everything from planning to planting to cute little projects. The projects are marked from "easy peasy" to "get down and dirty". It is a handy little book, since my gardening expertise is at a minumum. I am fortunate to have two neighbors who help me out. Both have beautiful yards. One looks like an English garden, the other is more formal. Myself, I am kinda in between. I like both, so mine is a mixture. My plan this Spring is to landscape the side yard and have a patio poured in the back yard. I was given free patio furniture and it needs a place to sit. So I am taking advantage of the beautiful weather we have been enjoying the last several days, and digging in the dirt..... So, how does your ga