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  He turned around just in time to see her walk out the door. Their spat had been little, not like most spats. However, he thought this one may be the end of their relationship. So many times, they would break up, only to get back together again. Oh, but wasn’t the making up great. Didn’t it feel like they had just met for the first time. What was it that made this time different? Was it the look on her face? Or the last words that came out of his mouth or hers? No, it was something else, something so strong, something that felt so lifeless. He pondered on what to do next. His mind wandered to all the memories they shared both good and bad. Like the time the drove from Napa Valley to southern California down Highway 1. The smell of the fresh air, listen to the ocean waves against the rocks, the coolness of the breeze. Such sweet memories. “Slow down” she would say, “Slow down you are scaring me”. This did not stop him for he was an adventurous sort of man. He loved having his han
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  Going against the waves as They are crashing against my body My mind is so hungry for the normalness of time I move forward, and yet The waves continue to push me back And then to and fro, to and fro Sometimes against my will and other times I Just let it flow Flow around me Forgetting that I do have control But alas I falter and I slide back into the Strength of the waves and the crashing into the shore I become more resilient as I grow and learn and   Become strong against the waves that take over my body and My mind I become strong flowing with the waves to take me Where I need to be and yet I become wise as to which wave is taking from me and which way is giving to me Pouring into my mind is the truth and ability to get through life Good or bad Simple or complicated Joy or sadness Flowing, flowing and flowing not fighting the waves.
  Summer 1969 Chapter One The Plane                 Although she had lived in five states throughout her life, with the first three by the time, she was eight years old, Laura Ann had never traveled by airplane until she was ten. She had no idea that she would be flying with her sister Susie, until a couple weeks prior to packing for a summer trip in Ohio. She turned ten in March, school ended for the summer in June, and just like that she was in the air flying over the Grand Canyon and eating a tray of airline food. Susie was thirteen at the time, in fact she just turned thirteen a week and a half after school dismissed for summer. She was very mature for her age; however, Laura Ann did not see this as mature, but rather saw it as being bossy. “Of course, since I am the oldest,” Susie stated, “I get to sit by the window.” Laura Ann started to pout, which she usually does, but then the friendly Airline Stewardess smiled at her and gave her coloring book and silver wings lapel